Voices of protest by refugees from Sierra Leone in Munich

Protesting refugees from Sierra Leone talk to us in the video about what they are demanding and why. Their protest has been taking place for over a week in a camp in front of a Munich immigration office.

Voices of protest by refugees from Sierra Leone in Munich
Bild: Ayrin Giorgia (Klasse Gegen Klasse)

Since Monday, 18 October, about 200 refugees from Sierra Leone have set up a protest camp in Munich’s Hofmannstraße. There is a foreigners‘ office and a Sierra Leonean consulate there, which cooperates with the German government in deportations. So that refugees from Sierra Leone can be deported, so-called embassy hearings take place in which they are identified. The refugees are protesting against this practice, as well as for the right to stay and work in Germany.

In the meantime, several demonstrations have taken place, together with Black Lives Matter Munich. We have recorded statements by the refugees in which they address society in Germany and the world.

With these videos – and others that will be available on Instagram – we want to contribute to showing the protagonists of the struggle. In the bourgeois media in this country, the struggle remained almost invisible and in Sierra Leone, there were some articles in the media that slandered it.

To the videos (playlist with five videos):

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