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Gorillas: Fight back against management attacks!

The management of the delivery service Gorillas attacks the employees with wage theft and working time extension. The workers respond today with renewed actions in front of the company headquarters in Berlin. Our proposals for the struggle.

Gorillas: Fight back against management attacks!
Foto: Simon Zamora Martin

+++ Action today: Schönhäuser Allee 180 at 13pm! +++

After three days of employees striking against the unfounded dismissals and for the abolition of the probationary period, the management answered  with new attacks. Not only have hundreds of riders received much lower pay for the month of June (and for the past months), but now working hours are to be extended. Stop the wage theft!

1. Actions and strikes against the attacks of the management!

After the latest attacks it became clear for all that there is no alternative for the Riders except to fight back against these attacks through actions and strikes. The end of the irregular payment of wages, the wage cuts, the lack of staff, the dismissals without cause, as well as the abolition of the probationary period are central demands that are currently being discussed.

To achieve these demands we need to win hundreds of riders for the struggle and build up pressure on the management through weekly actions and strike days. This requires regular gatherings of the riders on days of action to build the Gorillas Workers Collective as an organ of self-organization.

2. For a solidarity campaign and a strike fund!

For the strikes to be successful, we need broad solidarity from other sectors. So far there have been solidarity actions in several cities, video messages from several factories, which we can expand. To avoid the strike days becoming a financial burden for the workers, a solidarity campaign can be combined with the establishment of a strike fund through donations. In this way, the riders can secure themselves financially so that they will not experience wage losses due to strike participation.

3. For strike calls of the trade unions! Strengthen self-organization!

The wildcat strikes of the last weeks have shown that we can organize successful strikes directly from the workplace. However, in order to be able to defend ourselves legally against dismissals, these strikes need the official support of unions like NGG and FAU. Therefore, we need to put pressure on NGG in particular to officially call a strike.

4. Extend and connect the struggle nationwide to other branches and factories!

Gorillas does not only operate in Berlin, but nationwide, just like many other delivery services. Just as the capitalists and the rich are uniting against us, we must unite as workers of all delivery services and as the entire working class. Therefore, from Berlin we must extend this struggle to Gorillas branches in other cities and to other workplaces, like other delivery services or the striking hospital workers. Likewise, many of us are students, so we also need the solidarity of all students and university employees.

5. Against sexism and racism in the workplace!

We are not only exploited as workers, but also oppressed as migrants, women and LGBTQIA+ people in the workplace and in society. Capitalism uses racism and patriarchy to consolidate its power and make more profits. Therefore, it is necessary that we also use our strikes and organizing in the workplace to fight against racism and sexism in the workplace and to participate as Gorillas workers in anti-racist and feminist mobilizations, so that we are not to be divided.

Many workers and comrades around the world are following the Gorillas struggle and showing international solidarity. Gorillas’ organizing is one of the most progressive movements of resistance of the working class against the bosses in recent years in Germany. Let’s keep the spark you have lit alive. Don’t let the management get us down and divide us! As long as we organize ourselves as workers and fight as one, we will win.

Solidarity delegation to the strike of hospital workers at Vivantes. Tuesday, June 29, 8:30 a.m., Vivantes Klinikum Neukölln, Rudower Str. 48, 12351 Berlin.
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