Duygu (Gorillas): „Our power comes from the unity of all the organized workers“

09.11.2021, Lesezeit < 1 Min.

Duygu, fired worker and strike leader at Gorillas, in an interview on the first day of her court date against her dismissal, on November 8th 2021.

Today was my first court case against the company Gorillas, at which I was a worker and got fired for striking. And today it was made on more time clear by the lawyers of the company that i was fired for attending illegal strikes and organising illegal strikes and it is one of our biggest tool to fight against exploitation of any labour in gorillas specific mostly migrant labour and our fight is about to make the workers rights better in germany bacause they are outdated they have not been challenged and they are a shameful legacy of nazi judges and today was the first day of this fight. And that’s why I’m here.

Because our power does not come from one person but comes from the unity of all the organized workers. So I’d say: Yeah, we will be fighting!

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