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Call for action: Gorillas #Alwaysbestriking Bike Tour

In the following we want to share the call for action from the Gorillas Workers' Collective. They are calling all workers and supporters to join the #AlwaysBeStriking bike tour on July 17, 2021 at BKIEZ WH, Kaiserkorso 154 in Berlin at 11.30 am.

Call for action: Gorillas #Alwaysbestriking Bike Tour

Time is passing and the 19 demands that the assembly of Gorillas Workers democratically decided upon on June 28, 2021 during the protest at the Gorillas HQ have not yet been met.

There is not even the subtlest indication that management is planning to fulfill them by the deadline of July 14, 2021 set by the workers.

This lack of care, consideration and attention from management deeply disheartens us as it confirms our suspicions of not being heard nor being taken seriously as Gorillas‘ essential workers (but what else to expect from a multi-million euro corporation?).

For this reason, the Gorillas Workers Collective is calling all workers to join the #AlwaysBeStriking bike tour on July 17, 2021.

The tour will start from the BKIEZ warehouse (Kaiserkorso 154, 12101 Berlin), at 11.30 am.

From there, all the tour’s participants will collectively decide on the route to follow. No top-down decisions. By launching this event, we would like to create a countermotion to Kağan’s #alwaysberiding bike tour, which never took place. However, this time it will be organised by workers for workers! We promise that there will be no sign-up form necessary and no opaque selection process involved.

All workers and supporters are welcome to join and spend the day with us.
Let’s take the lead of our own route for once! No managers, groceries, apps, or customers will lead our path this time. We are in charge! 🥳🥳
For those who want to join later, we will be updating you on our location throughout the tour. Join us with your bikes and gear. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and bring snacks.

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